Adulting – v. acting in a way that an adult would be expected to

When a teen lives in a group home one of the things often forced to be left out of their lives is guidence on what to do to help them live on their own. And for many this is a nessecity, because once their 18th birthday arrives they will be expected to take on these challenges and succeed. The first step to taking on the idea of Adulting is to get a job. it is a pivitol task.

At our Annual Career Fair dubbed the Adulting Summit we provide every opportunity we can to prepare these teens for what lies ahead.


Through the guidence of a community volunteer, each teen is guided through a resume building process where their hobbies, interests, and skills are shaped into a way that allows them to present themselves on paper usually in a way they didn’t think possible. For most of these teens they don’t see themselves as worth anything and find no value in who they are. this one hour can change all of that.


In a one on  one arrangement, each teen is also run through a mock interview. we help teach them to bring out their voice and be confident. the questions are designed to take away that element of unknown and help to hone each response for future success.


Classes taught by professionals are designed to help the teens learn about things they might not think about but are essential to life as an adult in a buisness world. What should and shouldn’t they be doing on social media? How do I prepare for an interview and what do I wear? How do I keep a job once I get it? what are some difficulties I can expect to face at an entery level job and how do I handle them? No one has taken the time to teach these teens any of this so this is their chance.


Buisness and colleges come together in one large venue to present what they do. Teens are encouraged to ask questions and find out what they can about each vendor booth. it is our hope that they can be inspired and find a future that interests them. Some even leave with a future interview all lined up. For others they now know what they want to study in college. 



We are looking for partners to set up a booth at the fair to introduce the attendees to possible resources and career path choices.

Saturday April 1st

7:45am – 10:30am

if you are interested please contact us

Event Day Volunteer

Resume Mentor:

work with 1 to 2 teens at a time, helping them fill out their resume.

Mock Interview Assessor:

interviewing teens to give them experience and feed back to help them  succeed at job interviews.

Saturday, April 1st

8:45am – 3:10pm

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Resource Folder

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Career Readiness Workshops


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Incentives for the teens

*If funding requirements for Adulting Summit are fully met, it is OCJ Kids' policy to apply those funds to similar projects

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