Transition Success Centers – Welcome Kits


The Shocking Facts

  • Currently there are over 14,000 children and youth in Arizona’s foster care system
  • Only 3%-5% of all children in foster care are available for immediate adoption.
  • Many of the children enter with few or no personal items… including hygiene products.
  • Children are forced to share with other youth in the home or wait until items can be purchased

The Program

The Welcome Kit collection program is an ongoing, yearly drive to meet the needs of ALL foster youth entering into foster care in Arizona.  Welcome Kits will be stored and distributed at local Transition Success Centers throughout the state where there is a participating DCS office.

How can I participate?

1. Contact the OCJ Kids office at 602-439-2171 or
2. Collect plastic shoe boxes and hygiene products for both girls and boys
3. Recruit other churches or businesses in your area to participate in collection drives
4. Drop off collected items at one of the local Transition Success Centers
5. Volunteer to help fill and distribute the kits
6. Spread the news of this amazing statewide initiative
7. Ask your faith community to participate

 Welcome kit packing list.

Who can participate in the collection?

  • Individuals
  • churches
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Chamber of Commerce groups
  • Social Service Clubs
  • Networking groups