Transition Success Centers

Outreach opportunities for the Faith community are available to impact foster children in Arizona right now!  With a collaborative effort by the faith community partners, DCS, and OCJ Kids. Resources and supplies can be available to foster children in every city in Arizona that has a satellite office.

Our Current Locations

Involvement in three main areas: Suitcase Drives and Distribution Centers, Welcome Kit Distribution Centers and Visitation Rooms, will be tailor made for each participating community of faith, depending on facilities, availability, volunteer base, and current calendar activities.  Transition Success Centers will be asked to participate in one or all of the three main areas.

Your Role as a Faith Community Partner:

Church program partners will serve as the lead church for the program, providing the initial success center in the selected cities, recruit alternate collection sites, provide rooms for parent or family supervised visitations, and organize collection drives to meet identified needs throughout the year.

DCS Role:

DCS will assist in making the contact with the satellite DCS offices to partner them with the local Transition Success centers.  DCS will also provide promotion necessary to connect the foster children and youth in need or resources with a local city church contact.  DCS satellite offices will be responsible for passing on Transition Success Centers program information to the case workers connected with their individual office.  DCS offices will connect with church point person to establish distribution dates and times as well as visitation detail and requirements for a supervised family visit.

OCJ Kids Role:

OCJ Kids will serve as the Program Directors and coordinators.  OCJ Kids will make contact with the local pastors, share the vision of the program, and establish a trained point person.  OCJ Kids will also aid in the collection of the suitcases and supplies inside and items for the Welcome Kits.  We will stay connected with each Success Center, providing assistance, guidance, trouble shooting, and program consulting.

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