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Transitioning from a group home or foster home to living alone can be a challenging experience. Many children don’t understand what is expected of them when they go to find a job for the first time.

We believe that its part of our mission to set these children up for success by helping them prepare for life as an adult. Each year OCJ Kids sponsors a Teen Career Fair, this event is designed to arm our children with the knowledge and confidence they need to step into the world as adults.

Helping Foster Teens living in Group Homes prepare for the the job market.

The Adulting Summit

Saturday April  1 , 2017

How to get involved as a Business

We are looking for partners to set up a booth at the fair to introduce the attendees to possible resources and career path choices.

If you are interested please contact us at

Support the event financially…

Sponsor a teen for only $10.

Privacy Policy

Volunteer at the event

Share your business skills and expertise with teens in the foster care system!

Volunteer areas needed:

           Resume Development: work with 1 to 2 teens at a time, helping them fill out their resume.

           Mock Interviews: interviewing teens to give them experience and feed back to help them  succeed at job interviews.

Email us for detail information at

How to get involved as a foster teen?

Email us with your name and age to register at