Get Connected

ocj kids volunteering to help kidsAt OCJ Kids we invite the community to get involved and make a difference in the lives of the Faceless Generation.

Thank you for stopping by to see how you can connect with OCJ Kids.  There are several ways you can get connected on different levels.

For more information on getting connected, please contact us or call us at 602-439-2171.

In Home Visitations (Training Required)

Visit with the foster children where they live, in group homes or “mini orphanages”.

People often underestimate the impact they can have on the lives of others. These children are open and eager to seeing a wider view of the world. You have an opportunity to use your passions and interests to impact the life of a child.

At this level, it could lead to working one on one with a particular young person as a mentor or a Life Coach. Give a child the gift of your experience and show them how much you care. Inquire about volunteering for in home visitations.

Volunteer for Big Events

OCJ Kids hosts four big events every year that are designed to help support the young people we serve. Volunteering to help out at these events is a great way to engage with these children and make a huge difference in their lives.

Career Development Fair (March or April)

Tools for Success Back to School Party (August)

Cowboy Camp (June and July)

One Bright Star Christmas Party (December)

Collection Drives and Service Projects

Do you have a group looking for ways to give back to the community?  You can host a Collection Drive.

Socks and Underwear

These items are needed year round as kids come into foster care and placed in a group home with just the clothes on their back.  The need is for all ages and male and female.

Suitcase Collections

Collect items and suitcases to put together a filled suitcase for teens transitioning out of foster care

Suitcase packing list

Welcome Kits

Collect items and build a kit for when kids come into a Group Home so they have hygiene products they can call their own

Welcome kit packing list

Kinship Kits

Collect items and build a kit to help a child feel a bit safer as they are brought into care.

Kinship Kit Packing List


Sponsor a foster child to attend one of our events

Join the Adopt-A-Bed club to help OCJ Kids provide services to these amazing young people