OCJ Kids accepts all kinds of donations in order to help the children we serve. In order to ensure that we’re connecting the right donations to the right people, we’ve provided a list of the in-kind donations that we’ll accept.

Steps to Giving for AZ Foster Care Charitable Tax Credit

Donate by check:  Send a check to OCJ Kids post marked by Dec 31st

Donate online

Mark all giving donations “AZ Tax Credit” and it will be applied to your tax credit giving account

Up to$500 for singles and married filing separately

Up to $1,000 for married filing together

OCJ Kids will send a Donation Receipt and an AZ Tax Credit form for you or your tax professional in January.

Make your check payable to:
OCJ Kids, 524 W Westcott Drive, Phoenix, AZ  85027

501(c)3 non-profit Corporation- Tax Id: 86-1040833

Contact Tammie Webb at our offices at 602-439-2171 for further information

Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization

Accepted In-kind Donations

Please contact us with any questions.

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